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Raag Brikshya Kalyan Group Fourth Session
Raag Brikshya Kalyan Group Fourth Session

Hindustani Music is essentially Raga Music. Most Ragas are distributed among the 10 scales. These scales are : Bilabal, Kalyan, Khambaj, Bhairav, Poorvi, Marwa, Kafi, Asavari, Todi, Bhairavi.

In Kalyan group, the commonly known Ragas whcih will be taught are – Kalyan, Yaman, Yaman kalyan, Shudh kalyan , Bhoopali, Bhoop kalyan , Hameer, Kedar, Shyam kalyan , Chhayanat , Kamod, Nand/Anandi Kalyan, Maru Bihag , Puriya Kalyan, Gorakh Kalyan

There is no source available in our country to learn all these Ragas from one Guru or learn them in detail with their comparative study through which students get their crystal picture of each Raga and their Bandishes. In some of the Ragas, Bilambit Compositions or compositions in different Taal and Laya are not at all available.

Considering this problem of learning, Padma Bhushan Pandit Ajoy Chakrabarty has taken up this Himalayan Task by online streaming class to satisfy the discerning advanced students, Music critics, and deeply interested listeners.

All the students who will join this online streaming class may have the audio recording for their future research and development. The video recording will never be shared with any student. This is the property of SHRUTINANDAN.

Only three classes has been taken by Pandit-jee and every year maximum of 6 (six) classes will be held. The duration of each class is 150 minutes; (100 minutes will be the knowledge development period, the remaining 50 minutes will be kept for asking any question to the students). Maximum 50/60 students will be allowed in the class. The time of the class is from 7.30 p.m. (IST) to 10.00 p.m. (IST).

During the last 50 minutes, students will not ask any questions which are not relevant to the class they just learned from, and students are requested to ask questions and clarify any doubts during the class.

The Fourth Class of the Kalyan Group Training Series will be held on 10th November 2023, Friday at 7.30 pm IST onwards. Deeply interested serious students of Music are invited to register their names as it is limited only to 50/60 students. So, do the registration as early as possible.

These group-wise classes will be unique and have never been done before. Join in this one of its kind, two-way session. God Bless you all.

Date: 2023-11-10
Time: 19:30:00 to 22:30:00
Price: ₹3000

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