Instructions for Online Class Members

  1. All students are requested to send their Questions and Voice Clip from their own Dashboard.
  2. Each student will be qualified for a Certificate of Participation after completing a year of Online Learning with us. The certificate will be sent by mail. The date of joining will be considered in this case.
  3. Certificate of Achievement will be awarded to those students who are sending voice clips for Certificate points and have completed 3 years of Online Learning with us.
  4. A student has to choose either of the two checkboxes - General Checking and Certificate Points.
  5. A student has to choose General Checking when they have a question or a doubt with the voice clip.
  6. A student needs to choose Certificate Points when he or she is trying to apply for a Certificate of Achievement.
  7. There will be no points added for General Checking and doubts.
  8. Total Marks for a Certificate of Achievement is 100 marks.
  9. Each Certificate voice clip will be marked out 10. A student will receive the marks after Gurujee’s scrutiny.
  10. Every student can access the previous classes from the Playlist.
  11. For any other queries - please mail at mfasnonline@gmail.com
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